Certified law firm headquarters: security and professionalism for lawyers

Business centres offer lawyers a number of advantages, such as a prestigious office address, flexible office space and modern infrastructure. However, in order to benefit from these advantages, business centres must meet strict legal standards and security guidelines.

The Business Location Munich is certified with this seal and guarantees that it fulfils the necessary safety standards and quality criteria to serve as a suitable office location.

 The "Geprüfter Kanzleisitz" seal of the Federal Association of Business Centres provides lawyers with guidance when selecting a suitable business centre. The seal is awarded to business centres that meet the following requirements:

  • Legal compliance: The Business Centre must comply with all applicable statutory regulations and ordinances, in particular with regard to commercial and tenancy law and data protection regulations.
  • Infrastructure and equipment: The business centre should have modern and adequate office infrastructure and equipment, including meeting rooms and communication facilities, to meet the needs of a law firm.
  • Safety standards: A high level of security standards should be guaranteed to protect the confidentiality of attorney-client relationships and sensitive data.
  • Qualified personnel: The business centre staff should be professionally trained and able to deal efficiently with lawyers' enquiries and needs.
  • Transparency: The business centre must demonstrate transparent business practices and provide all necessary information and documents to enable verification by the Federal Association of Business Centres.
  • Reputation and experience: The reputation and experience of the business centre are important factors. A successful history and positive recommendations contribute to credibility.
  • Availability and accessibility: The business centre should be reliable and easily accessible to meet the needs of the lawyers.

 The "Geprüfter Kanzleisitz" seal offers lawyers a number of advantages, including

  • Security and confidentiality: The seal guarantees that the business centre meets the necessary security standards to protect the confidentiality of attorney-client relationships and sensitive data.
  • Professionalism: The seal shows that the business centre meets the high standards of a law firm.
  • Flexibility: Business centres offer lawyers the opportunity to flexibly rent office space that meets their needs.
  • Cost savings: Business centres can be a cost-effective alternative to having your own office space.

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