Good Fairy on Call with the BLM Secretarial Service

You don't need your own secretary, but there are many tasks you don't want to do and some you can't do at all? Of course not, because you don't earn your money with form letters, but with investment/tax/legal/IT advice, graphic design or as a craftsman.

Your own employees should also use their scarce time profitably instead of bagging trade fair invitations or nicely formatting a handbook.
The BLM team consists of professionals. This means we can handle your secretarial tasks more professionally than your trainee or even you. You can see that.
And above all: if there is a fire, we also work in the evenings or at weekends if requested.

Standards or special curls, regular or rush order

  • Preparatory accounting (among others with LEXOFFICE)
  • Typing (also as dictation)
  • Serial letters and mailings
  • Address management
  • Appointment management
  • Presentation graphics and layout
  • Graphics, layout and printing of brochures and flyers
  • Translations into almost all languages

What is missing? We can take pretty much all the administrative work off your hands so you have time for other things. Bye-bye paperwork. Try it out.

Your advantages with the BLM secretarial service

➔ You only use (and pay for) the service when you need it
➔ No expensive fixed costs
➔ Professional employees work quickly and carefully
➔ Discretion is a matter of honour, our good reputation rests on it
➔ Professional equipment (hardware and software) ensures quality
A huge network of business partners reliably covers all industries.
From printers to stand builders or conference interpreters: there is no expert knowledge we cannot access. Just try it out.

Of course, we will make you an offer for all services - tailor-made or as a package.

Perhaps you still have questions? Book a callback or come by and see us: