Frequently asked questions

We are asked many questions and of course we prefer to answer them personally.
Contact us at any time at 089-458350. After the phone call, you will have no more unanswered questions.
Nevertheless, we have tried to answer some of the most common questions for you here.

What is a business centre?
One could compare a business centre with a very service-oriented hotel. Entrepreneurs rent offices of various sizes, some of which are fully equipped. For comparatively little money, they benefit from a central location and enjoy the advantages of various centrally provided office services such as telephone and secretarial services.
Do authorities accept a business address with you?

Of course. In officialese, this is called "summonable". It means, for example, that a court order can be served at this address.

Do you also take care of private matters?
What you need mailing for is not relevant to us. Whether it's an invitation to a workshop or a birthday party means the same effort.
Is the number of calls or letters relevant to the price?
For both telephone service and business address with mail reception, there is a basic price where the scope is fixed. If this is exceeded, you will incur additional costs, but these are very transparent - like everything at BLM.
Is BLM also suitable for founders?
Of course. Especially when you are starting up, you don't know what to expect, you have little capital and you want to appear serious to the outside world. All this is guaranteed through cooperation with BLM. If the company grows, you increase the services. If it doesn't work, you cancel within the manageable time limits.
Can I use the BLM infrastructure on site if I have a business address there?
Of course. There are even packages that include limited use of the meeting rooms. Otherwise, you can also book them by the day and by the hour.
Are the meeting rooms also available in the evenings or at weekends?
In exceptional cases....
How long can parcels be stored with you?
Normally until the end of the month. By arrangement and depending on the volume, we also keep parcels for our customers longer.
What kind of tenants are there at BLM?
Our tenants come from all sectors and vary in size. There is everything from the representation of industrial companies, craftsmen, programmers and software developers to lawyers or consultants and coaches. It's the mix that makes it.
Do I have to take my own computer with me or is it already in the office?
A PC or laptop is pretty much the only thing you need to bring yourself - apart from personal belongings. The demands here are so different and most are already equipped with it.
But printers, scanners, telephones, conference room with SmartBoard and video telephony transmission possibilities, fast internet with back-up line and much more is available.
Can I bring my own furniture?
Basically, all offices are furnished with contemporary office furniture. If you have your own ideas, you can of course change the furniture.

We could not answer your question in advance?

Then feel free to leave us a message via the contact form or give us a call.